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who is the coolest arrancar????
Starrk for sure.
@jacky and that other dude/lady dude who quoted meh. Oh.. I though the emo one was killed by ichigo.. Darnit I forgot. :O
Wonderweiss by far
Coolest Arrancar?

Not many of them really impressed me honestly; though if I'd had to pick I would say Tia Harribel and her Fraccion.
Harribel, but that's mostly for shallow and lecherous reasons.

On a serious note? In terms of "cool" I would say either Starrk Or GrimmJow.
Aside from Harribel and her Fraccion, none of the other Arrancars were really interesting or given that much of character that would make them stand out or not be of somebody we already know an see.

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