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How do you want Sakura to die?
torn to pieces, not bad
I want Madara to use a genjutsu to trick Naruto into impaling her. Momo and Icefail style.
Although its execution left something to be desired in Bleach, that manoeuvre was quite tragic in its premise. In Naruto, it would not have the same effect as it would be perceived as hilarious and redundant or a lucky coincidence.

You don't need to confuse someone so that they stab Sakura, everybody would be happy to do so on their own.

In terms of story, I would rather see Sasuke killing her in cold blood but unfortunately, Kishi missed that chance and I doubt we will see that again.

But seriously, how about this scenario: We know that Naruto is all about forgiving people, so what would happen if one of the Kages would kill Sakura (i.e. would be responsible for her death, intentionally), would there be peace? Would Naruto forgive that? Or would he lose his sh*t?
Sakura should be killed by Rock Lee for rejecting him so much.
Lol, Nemrut's post

This thread is like a Christmas present to Sakura haters.
Sakura should just do everyone a solid and jump in front of a rasengan.
She could try going after Sasuke again, that plan nearly worked the first time. I say give her another shot at the suicide mission, this time no help from Naruto or Kakashi

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