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How do you want Sakura to die?
well every1 hates how do want to kill her?

i would like her to trip...and hit her head on a rock...and thats it...

she doesnt deserve anything glamorous...
Jees...She's okay in my book. ::Opens book and turns one page:: 1. I hate Sasuke. yeah she isn't in my book.
I think naruto should kill her cause he was nice to her and liked her and she ignored him...
She is a true bitch!
well just try something fun that can kill a person...and switch that person that u want to die w/ sakura...

*sakura releases chakra at wrong time and punches a rock*
*@#$% she says and her parents beat her to death for being rude*
She should marry emo-king and be bored to death.
Geyter that is the best thing ever!!
She should found out the true mistake in liking emo boy...
after she kills herself from boredom...the same thing should happen to ino and then karin
Yes and then sasuke after having three wives who decide to kill themselves decides to commit his own emo suicide... perfect!!
this wraps around to
Desperately searching for Sasuke, she collapses due to her immense hunger after not eating for three days. Crawling into a Sushi bar, she orders a plate of shark fin sushi... however Suigetsu is nearby, and remembering the teachings of Kisame, blindly attacks the offender. Sakura's head is cut off, and Suigetsu is soon revealed, leading the others to Sasuke, who gets locked up in the Konoha prison.

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