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The generals
i agree with numbers-kun. cross is the main general that the story focuses on. hes not a main character, so hes not important enough to be weaker than others *cough*naruto*cough*, but hes not background-y enough to be weak
MangaAddict Wrote:what about that woman general, cloud something, she has a monkey and she has scares.  The monkey is cool, but where did she get the scares, do you think will get a full history from her??
i hope we get the story of her and the other armer guy ... and about the monkey i have no comment, is just funny
sorry everyone, i dont like monkeys. i would, but everyone at my school is(was?) obsessed with them. i just cant take it anymore
well if you dont like monkeys then you dont like the girl general... but im more interested in that big armered guy he just seems kind of wierd and i cant wait to see what in the world happened to him before
Gen Cross, does he really know info about the ark? And how do you think he knew the noah who went traitor??
im pretty sure he knows about the ark... although i dont get what you mean by noah who went traitor, sorry
It was stated earlier by the earl that there was a noah who went traitor and told an exorcist info on the ark, it is assumed that exorcist is cross...
mmmm.... i didnt know about that i think i missed it, anyway i wonder how that noah would look like.... oh i know maybe cross brainwatched him/her like he did with the other akuma
1597534862 Wrote:cross is the strongest
lots of general died
most of them need protection
do u mean excorsicts. becuz only one genral died and o dont think that counts as alot. but i do agree wit the protection thing. cross was the only one who didnt need protection even tho the order tried to giv it to him. :lol:
cross has to be the strongest he destroyed all those akuma in the middle of the ocean and even tho the ship wuz destroyed he still got to edo perfectly fine.

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