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The generals
Who is the most strongest general, where are they, etc...
Also, how will allen become a general, and what will his new tasks be...
hmmm well its already apparent that allens gonna be a general cause of what hebraska (sp) said and his mission will prob be to take care of the noah cause of his unique evil destroying innocence i think hmmm cross seems like he might be the strongest cause of how he can do what he wants and get away with it and can survive without a group of exorcists liekt he other generals have but prob allen might surpass him i think
Its hard to tell becuz we dont know the other generals innocence and there powers. allen might be a strong one sense his innocence elimanates the evil in someone.
he will be the next general sense they someone to replace yeegar. and he will find new excorcists
lol at your icon spartan xP.. Brings back memories xD

I like General Cross : ), but yeah, like spartan said, we don't really know of the other generals' innocence... So it's kinda hard to judge. But from mpov... General Cross is strong! Even general Tiedoll owes him favours. And~ He had thingy of a Noahs ark. We haven't seen him in action either though =/
general cross is the strongest for sure and funny, in an anoying way, and i wonder where the heck is he, i mean we know where all the others are except for him.
Do you think allen will have to work for the order like a slave??
Doesnt one of the generals have some sort of innocence that has something to do with drawing or something??
allen has to what? anyway im not sure about the drawing thing so far the only one we have seen is the old man that kanda had to protect and i still have no idea what he did back then
yeah, but i thought it was like a big paper thingy or something... meh :|
i think cross is the strongest, and allen will become a general after getting out of the thingy with the doors and return to the black order
what about that woman general, cloud something, she has a monkey and she has scares. The monkey is cool, but where did she get the scares, do you think will get a full history from her??
cross is the strongest
lots of general died
most of them need protection


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