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kiss my ass dude, ive read alot of the manga on the site, all the air gear, 666satan, ares, beck, xxxholic, rose-vampire, tt, superior, and i can keep on going but watever asshole. ill post my thoughts, ideas, and responses as i see fit. so excuse me then dude.
Woah, watch the animosity, nobody is or was questioning WHAT or HOW MUCH you read on onemanga, I am sure Arctic was just saying that your one word post really wasn't needed, it is even within the rules or guidelines I believe that one word posts such as that is pretty frowned upon, so next time just to save bandwidth or scrolling time or whatever reason it may be, type out thoughtful intelligent answers. I may be coming off as negative here but that was no reason to go off on Arctic like that.
Bite me, reading that many manga doesnt mean crap on a forum, it clearly states not to post one word replies like "lol" and "rofl"

So if you dont like the forum rules, then no one's forcing you to use the forums.

think about it, if everyone just replied "lol" then the forums would quickly become a spam-fest of noobs.

So wise up about internet etiquette, 'dude'

I can start a flame war, but i'd prefer to abide by the forum rules
You kids and your flame wars. Why don't we all just sit back with a roaring fire in the summer and read some good old Bleach manga and all these 'forum rules' as you guys state will be answered such as this one

Forum rule 1-Don't Spam
Bleach equivalence


I think you all understand now Tongue

but seriously lets not fight. Just follow the rules.

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