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Fights you'd want to see...
Post any fights you'd want to see happen (whether they are posssible or not) and discuss who might win or what might happen...
sasauke vs itashi, sharingan vs sharingan yeah that will be great
Oh cool, little buddy from last night how are you doin??

I dont know about the sharingan fight, if you think about it, itd be lacking action, but if sasuke gained ms then they could do some sweet dimensional fight, torture and genjustu combined ending with the deaths of both of them... hehehe....
or maybe thay cancel each other out... anyway i think it will be a great fight
Mine, Deidara vs. Sai
Two artisits who can create anything they want at will... It would be pretty sweet...
their abilities is very similar but i dont think that fight will last long i mean sai's art cannot esplode like deidara's so you can see clary who has the upper hand
Yes but sai seems more intelligent and quick thinking. He knew the best defense against sasuke sword and all...
mmm maybe you right.
what about another stronger battle between sasuke and naruto since naruto now can use better the nine tails power i wonder who will win?
That is the sasuke vs. naruto thread... but who cares, I think naruto would win only if he learns to move quicker....
well he moves quicker when he is in the fourth tail form

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