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Person Above Me V
Sparks Wrote:talk about the person above you, don't double post and don't chin post (say X post's something and then Y posts something and so on so it goes XYXYXYXYXYXY etc...) it's boring like that and last of all make it funny

(P.S. no-one should take anything said on this thread Seriously)
made his avatar...
commented on someone making his avatar
has sig that I know will appear in my dreams tonite and scare the crap out of me.
has had his mind infiltrated by a pokemon
a creepy, disturbing pokemon
is sadistic as hell...
is partly true. My mind defenses are keeping it at bay, for now. But once I sleep, my defenses will be weakened so it will stomp on my defenses like dog crap.
put an awful awful image in my mind
put an awful pokemon image in my mind.
is disturbed by Useless...or me. But mostly Useless.

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