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DGM 123
maybe general cross' ability is to become imbisible and so he has been by their side all the time, now that i think about it that kind of make sense since he knew that those two sisters where after him and scaping at the right time...
You think he can go invisible?? I think his ability is turning akuma into allies or something...
cross will come. ^^
sorry, slightly off topic, but still talking about ch 123, lavi was SUCH a cute kid. DX
DLL ^^ you better be a girl...

Anyway, I think kanda and krory will appear to help allen out with this tyki mick thing...
heh heh heh. WHAT?? i meant cute in the adorable sense!! not anything like that!
So your a guy... Im sorry...

Anyway...kanda and krory yeah they will pop up out of no where I bet...
thats okay, i get that a lot X3. ive been told im a very weird individual

i hope so
maybe cross is helping the others that fell behind, hey thats a good prediction
I guess cross could be helping the others... I just hope there is agood reason for them to be alive, cause you know they are...

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