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DGM 123
but that wouldnt make much sense...since he turned into an akuma
yeah but what if he somehow gave up his noah powers... its not totally impossible since tyki lost his. And anyway I just think it would cool...
Raijuu Wrote:yeah but even if allen's father turns up to be a noah it wouldnt be so much of a turn because allen can take away his powers without killing him so he woulnt be so much of a trouble for him to "kill" his own father since he doesnt kill him. (i dot even know if i make my point quite well)

Allens father is already dead...
yeah allen's father is dead and there is no way he will show up in the manga
Maybe as a flashback...
But who cares this is just a theory I had that I dont believe but thought it would be really cool if it happened...:grin:
hmm now that i tink about it....
since allens eye is an akuma....
maybe it can go to level 3 hmm?
its more than likely that it can since its already at lvl 2
If he went to level 3 then what would it do... he can already see the soul things and have people around him see them too... what else is there to do??
maybe he can see anyone's soul akuma or nonakuma
shoot akuma seeking missiles out of it XP

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