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DGM 123
Do the twins count as seperate noahs?? And the guy that betrayed the earl, are there any hints as to who he is??
nah, jasdebi were said to be one before or something
just read the manga over lol
not really they showed an outline of him but thats it
The one in the OP of the anime? If so... That might be a filler char, but who knows. Katsura Hoshino might make it into an actual char in the manga : P
prob just a filler char i cant see them adding another noah at this point
There are 13 noahs so eventually another noah will pop up...
im thinking maybe that noah will pop up after the whole arc things over like it hasnt awakened yet or sumtin
Do they even know where cross is at this point?? Wasnt he the one that the rogue noah told about the ark secrets to??
yea he was and yea no1 knows where he is Tongue apparently sumwhere in the arc though
Maybe the rogue noah was allens foster father... just a prediction since there are no clues whatsoever as to who that noah was... itd be a good twist anyway!!

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