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DGM 123
well, you forget that road brought out the inner bookman inside of lavi
so maybe tyki has an inner evil side to him, that is actually from his human form, not his noah-ish-ness side lol
btw, maybe they were saved by road o_O
o.o that is an interesting thought...mebbe cause she likes allen she saved em cause she know thier his friends or sumtin....but why does she like him anyway i wonder...its not like he did anthing for her...cept try to kill her before
well but bringing out the bookman inside him and actualy controling him are still 2 different things cause the bookman inside dosnt take sides it just observes it was just trying to kill allen cause he was getting in the way of that
Maybe it was the EARL! :O

I hope there's gunna be some flashback of before Tyki was a Noah =d
Isnt there other noahs we havnt seen yet??
ummm i think the only noah we dont know is the one that betrayed the earl
There`s meant to be thirteen Noahs?
i dunno
Yes... I'm pretty sure there are.

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