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DGM 123
omg..lenalee stop crying. -.- anyways..what do you guys think about tyki? i think road actually is in tyki's body..i think it might be one of her abilities. cant wait til next chapter. Big Grin
well maybe allen's sword's effect only lasts a short time ,well anyway we don't have any absolute proof either way.
Perhaps Lero is empowered somehow?
Great chapter!! I think Tyki is being possessed by someone, my guess is either road or lero...
Allen's too nice for his own good ;w;
Ah man, I thought we'd see him leave them to die...
i bet Chaoji's gonna do something stupid lol
but tyki is probably possessed by road, only cuz road lives in her dreams, and everyone's in her dream world, so y wouldn't road be able to control dead/unconscious people in her world, just like she did to lavi for a while
Thats a good point. She kinda looked messed up...
Anyway, Allen was going to save Tyki?? He is too nice for his own good. And then that chaoji called him the devil...
i think it is road thats controlling tyki cause i dun think lero could do sumtin like that and road wasnt really contolling lavi it was the bookman inside of him
Is tyki dead or alive?? And where do you guys think kanda and crory are?? My guess is that they will appear in one of the next two chapters...

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