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Hi all, a little about me
Hi all i am new here (to the forum i mean) i have been reading manga of this site for ages as you will see from the list of manga i read, as with many thing i have found i just use them and can not be arsed joining the forum and what for a long time. i did this with crunchyroll only joining when i had to to watch the vids. i am a friend of sparky, i was the one who showed him this site (when ever that was). i do not have a great love of manga but thing it is good to read. i only started reading it because i was bored waiting for up dates of the manga i was watching, so i went looking for the manga. from there i found this site from a msn groups site i was looking at for naruto or one piece can not remember.

i also like to read web comic and have a big load i read of them as well (some are better than a lot of manga but not many) as well as watching anime. any here is some things about my self

name-who cares just call me sim if you want or simagule
age-16 just finshed all exams out for the summer
location-uk manchester
why i am here- love reading all the manga that is posted here so i thought i would show my gratitude by joining the forum.

manga (not up to date with all of it a lot)- deep breath
-666 Satan (up to date)
-Air Gear (up to date)
-Ares (up to date)
-Beck (up to date)
-Black God (started to read, stoped to wait to for update never go back in to it, will go back one day)
-Bleach (up to date)
-Blue Dragon: Ral Grado (up to date)
-Cristo (up to date)
-D.Gray-Man (up to date)
-Dragon Quest Dai no Daiboken (currently reading thought up to around 20 somthing)
-Fairy Tail (up to date)
-Gantz (up to date)
-Hayate the Combat Butler (started to read, stoped to wait to for update)
-Hellsing (just started to read looks good)
-Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi
-Id (up to date)
-Mx0 (up to date)
-Gintama (started to read, stoped to wait to for update)
-Kekkaishi (up to date)
-Naruto (up to date)
-NHK ni Yokoso (up to date)
-One Piece (up to date)
-Pastel (started to read, stoped to wait to for update)
-Rave (started to read, stoped to wait to for update)
-Rosario-Vampire (up to date)
-Soul Eater (up to date)
-Superior (up to date)
-Team Medical Dragon (mid way thought reading it
-Tenjou Tenge (up to date)
-xxxHolic (started to read, stoped to wait to for update)

yo that is a lot, never looked at a list of it all.

P.S if any one wants some good web comics to read message me and i can give you a link to a site that has a big list of a lot and can tell you when they up date which is a big help if like me you have a lot. now if only there was a way to do that for all this manga.

ps ps. will put up a avatar latter just got to find a pic a like so again when ever.
hello, old friend. i reccomend you read Claymore its good, and see you in sctoland later this year Big Grin weddings= alchohol :3
ya lol, heard you will not be wearing a suit so i will easily be able to up stage you Big Grin
Hello Sparky's friend, Simagule.
Welcome to the forum and enjoy the mayhem ^^

( . . . jesus that is one heck of a list @_@ )
simagule Wrote:ya lol, heard you will not be wearing a suit so i will easily be able to up stage you Big Grin

haha, nope i'm wearing a suit Big Grin, got forced to >_<, may have to tie my hair back if it grows over the shoulder, but it will be straightened (first time evar)
hehe you think that is a list i will send you the list of web comics i have read and alot of them have been delete or moved so you can not even read all of them now. also thanks for welcomeing me and i think i will be able to handle this chaos as i am on a other small forum with just my mates and the topic change when ever and how ever any one wants and over half the people are mods so they posts change all the time as well.

It is so fun

edit: i hate it when this happens you make a post and some one else geting in befor you Sad. sparks we will see who is the best looking on the day (ME)
Pshh, my suit was made in italy Big Grin.
Damn there is no way i can win against that! or is there?
Maybe, if it was made by Da-Vinci!!! Tongue
Welcome to the forums, Sim. Looking forward to seeing you around.

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