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Why do some Shinigami become Vaizard?
We know that Ichigo awoke the inner hollow while regaining his Shinigami powers. What about the others... I doubt that they went through the whole process of that. I remember reading that the reason vaizard are hated in SS because they awoke their inner hollow... it sound intentional. Could it be that SS has always known about the inner hollow, and just forbidden it?
Yeah its possible, because didn't Rukia know about it when she was talking to Ichigo, but it is possible. Idk how they could do it though. Wasn't the Hyoguku (horrible spelling) the first thing that was able to extend the powers of shinigami/hollow. Maybe they were the first test subjects for it and then when Urahara got kicked out, they weren't wanted and thrown out too.
im guessing its something along the lines of what ichigo did and by that i mean severing their chain thing....i 4got the name
but this is all just me guessing so it could be one of the reasons urahara got kicked out like CBF said or it could 1 of thousands of other possibilities
i even kinda doubt in the mangaka will do a few chapters on it cuz its a mystery but slightly irrelevant
By severing the chain of fate? Shinigami don't have them...
ummmmm touche 4got ichigo was a reg soul at that point
but like i said that was just my opinion cuz as far as we know they could have followed suit w/ ichigo(yes again) and just hit that part of them that destroys their spirit power
But isn't that very risky? And I think the hollow wouldn't have came if Ichigo had became a shinigami again within the time limit.
ya i realize that but like u said earlier it was intentional meaning they knew the risks and did it for powah
but i'll say this again its all opinion
I bet they were a group looking to be more powerful then the captains but without hundreds of years of training so they had to use a forbidden art to do it. which got them kicked out.
I agree kin of risky getting swallowed by your enemy. But you know the saying keep your friends close enemies closer....Really close.
maybe they wanted to achieve the next step in power and sacrificed what they believed in in order to achieve it

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