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Crazy things
None of us had a cellphone or anything and those guys moved out a couple weeks later and some old lady took the huge place all by herself.
[Image: pope_sith.jpg]
once .. . . ummmm my friends and i wrapped our limbs in masking tape, and put on eyeliner and put our hoods up, and scared ppl at the mall

also, ive worn my akatsuki coat to school 3 times
...Never throw fruit loops at crows.....they don't go for it and other birds come in the area to get it. It is very bad to see 50 birds surrounding you while having fruit loops stuck on your hand. Picture it.
ahahha! X3 sorry... i like to follow pigeons, cause they dont fly away until u get really close.
What an interesting thing to do in a day...while I run like hell from birds..
in fact, im wearing it again today! X3 for my japanese class.
now its time to watch flcl and eat macaroni and cheese
Haha, I don't know if this is crazy. But It was pretty odd. I just have to tell it. Okay, I've just gotten back from Japan. And While I was there, of course, I had to check out a manga store. I forgot which one it was called, it had a yellow sign >.> But I was following the book shelf, not looking where I was headed. Because How can someone take their eyes off so much Manga? (I couldn't...)

But it was leading to the back of the store, and when I got to the ending of one Aisle. I decided to stay and look through some books. But What I didn't know, that behind me, and beside me. Basically all around me I was in the 18+ Section. So this small Japanese man comes in front of me and starts yelling at me in Japanese. I was so scared, because he wouldn't stop screaming at me. O.O So I called my translator person, and they had a talk...And yeah. It was pretty odd...(I had fun though, hehe..)

I never did get to see what was inside the books. And Now I can't go in that store without an adult. >.>
I've been directed here cuz I can't login to the active forums
talk about crazy @.@

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