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Crazy things
36 hours is nothing. Just try to camp out one night in the Red Section of New York...

Long story...Might tell it later.
well at that time i wasnt used to staying up late cuz i liked sleep now stay up late alot so its nothin for me too
I feinted once in the dark room at school... my pictures were ruined and I broke my leg...
Why is a dark room called a dark room anyways? Isn't it reddish?
The lights are a reddish orange...
I come your image is linked? and will you just change it.. or make it smaller..
um here's a crazy story (not that much worthy to post it but i'll try)

well it was back when i was 5 and it was after dinner,so i got a lil bored and start running around.Then I found a board and i had an idea of putting it on the chair *with stands on each side to hold it*,and right when i was about to jump off the board slide.. down like this \ Big Grin and that's how i broke my left arm...after that i fainted everytime i woke up for 2 days Big Grin noticed i got a cast on the 3rd day.
I think its time to post my Red Section of New York Story.
Users descression is advised.
Yea..during spring break, I went to New York for an errand with some friends. We got lost soon after and ended up in the Red district. "shivers" That damned place is the worst. Well anyway, it was getting late so we had to find a motel and soon after the sun set, a LOT of prositutes were on the street corners and askin us for it and stuff..You know what I mean... -_-" one of the whores even asked my friend..and shes a girl..yea..that prostitute was a lesbian..wadoyaknow? After a long hour of stops, we finally found a motel and we paid and found our rooms. But I could not sleep cause I just had to get a room next to a pair who were doing it....very loud. God.. I never got sleep but I soon went into the car to sleep. Damn prostitutes...tryin to give 15 year old me a handjob. -_-"
lol. You shoulda called 911.

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