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Crazy things
It's not so much a game as a place to tell, or show crazy things, from videos, to stories, to things that you've done yourself.
Crazy commercial..

edit:the embed isn't working so click on the link Big Grin
lol im glad u did! lol dat's the whole point
heres something strange
Can i request a crazy link here? i once got this mail from a friend that held a lot of spoofs on creationism on comedy shows (family guy was one, i think still standing was also on there, ...) but i lost it and can't find it anywhere. So if anybody knows it...
for any number of crazy things go to
interesting news stories and random vids
Ever not change one day in gym? Well this story happened to me a few months ago...

One day I didn't bring my gym clothes to school, right? So When its gym, I search through the lost and found but only to find pants..that was black..but not from its original color..yea. Well the next thing I think of is to just sit on the bench quietly and somewhat hidden. Then one of the advisors see me just sitting there without regular uniform clothes so he comes up to me and asks me why I haven't changed yet.

Thinking fast, I say something. "I'm not wearing any underpants, do you really wanna see my c**k? Pervert." And somehow, I got off without any trouble. He just said to get in line for warmups. Its not like I don't like gym, its just I didn't bring my gym clothes.

Creepiest day of my teenage life...
I have a crazy story.
My great uncle was really lazy so he made hi house out of chrome, the furniture, the ceilings, everything was chrome... In the middle of each room was a drain. When he cleaned his house he bought in his house and washed everything down.
Another story, same guy. The neighbors kept complainig about his lawn. So he had a cement truck cment his entire yard and he painte the cement green...
Im dead serious...

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