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alchemy powers
D: Who's Kimbley? Well I guess he could wear gloves like Mustang. Big Grin
Kimbley first appear in chapter 13 and seldomly from there on, but not by much until later in the story. He's the one who caused Scar indirectly to what he is in the manga.
And he's also my favorite FMA char so far.
oo like kevinix i like the wind element i want to be an alchemist that has wind capabilities and to ativate them would probally be putting my hands together cuz wind can me made through oxygen and a force. hurricane alchemist is a good name but i prefer wind alchemist plain and blunt. lol.
You know there has to be a scientific reasoning behind alchemy. Alchemy is science, it's from the arabic word for chemistry. so you can't just say teleportation.

I had an idea about a 'master' alchemist that has rings on his fingers that that he would use to command two metal bars, which in turn would work through the earth to draw a huge transmutation circle, to bring forth a huge earth creature that he'd control using the etchings left on it by the metal bars.
well my powers then require gloves with an alchemy circle it would be logical to force oxygen movements to make my own wind.

also my ultimate attack space zone would be logical too. space zone is basically seperating all the oxygen at a given space. i would move the air out ofthat area therefore anyone in that area will not be able to breath and die in matter of mins. well be unconcious in 2 mins then brain dead at 4 mins. lol talk about the ultimate attack fire does not work in that situation cuz it requires oxygen same with water and humans need to breath. lol.
You know, for a science, there sure is a lot of waste in those reactions. In nature, reactions are very efficient. And example is how all the planets and stars and such are spheres. It's because a sphere is the most space efficient shape. But alchemy has so much light and sound and smoke. It's sure a wasteful science.
i think he means that alot reactions produce are efficent results
but alot of energy is wasted
lets say we haf a motor to run cars and the fuel is from petrol.
the motor makes the car move using kinetic energy while there is a heat loss due to friction

chemical energy-> kinetic + heat energy
lets say chem en is 100
100 -> 40+ 60
so that 60% of energy suppied is lost...

arrgghh sorry for the lecture... my exams are coming...
Is it possible to create clay bombs that i can shape and control?(i was never too god in scienceTongue)
masterjc Wrote:Is it possible to create clay bombs that i can shape and control?(i was never too god in scienceTongue)

no unless u are a character in naruto and become part of the akatsuki...
but u can make a bomb stick to some sticky clay and attach it to stuff

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