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How do you want Sasuke to Die?
Well i was just wondering since most people want him dead, how should he die?
...I have this strange urge, for Naruto to kill Sasuke. I have no idea why. lmao. But, maybe Sasuke just might get beaten by one of the Akatsuki, or Itachi.

Or he could fall off a cliff, mwhahahaha. =D
I always wanted sakura and tsunade to kick him in the nuts at the same time launching him into the air where he gets a face full of raikri and then finished with a rasen shuriken. Thats just the way i saw him go in my head.
Sasuke is goin die from... because Sakura dies. I hate sakura as much as sasuke so if she goes, she better take that emo with her.
I don't want him to die, I like him...

*suddenly surrounded by Sasuke-haters*

Uhm, uh, no, I didn't say that! I meant to say, uhm... Naruto uses a Sexy no Jutsu on him and Sasuke gets raped to death by Jiraya. Yeah, that's what I said.

*slowly walks away*

...NOT! *runs*
xD Ouch...Sasuke would probally die, when Sakura and Tsunade kicked him...or wanting to die, xD
I see Itachi killing him. That would be the best ending for him. All the work gone to waste when he thinks he can beat Itachi, Itachi kills him.
Most likely Itachi and sasuke will kill each other. However, I would love Naruto kiling that stupid bastard...:grin:
You know, I'm going think outside the box. I want Choji to sit on him until he dies.
definitely out of the box on that one...

i say cancer...

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