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The Movie
#21, the Fullmetal Engineer...
hehe XP saving broken down machines across the countryside
we're talking about conqueror of shamballa, right? if we are, it was fawesome. i really enjoyed it even though i had to watch it dubbed, cause my momma watched it wif me.
i cried i bunch of times. i only ever cry for anime/manga related stuff... wonder why...
...I cried to ^^; When Al had had to go, the first time. When he was in that Armour. Then again when Ed decided he wanted to go back. T.T
can someone here give me a link to the movie? Non downloadable please...and no i cant speak japanese
Eh. Go search it on
#28 sec...i couldnt find it
man...I just finished the whole series AND the movie...and man am i pissed of at ed....WHAT A JERK MAN! Man...I liked the beginning of this movie but the end really pissed me off...WHAT ABOUT WINRY DAMMIT!? ED U SELFISH BASTARD! Sad:thumbdown:
lol Although I hear ya about Winry, I didn't really think about it when I watched it. But if she were to go back with him, she'd have to start her career over seeing as how automail didn't work on the other side

I enjoyed the movie a lot and felt that it did the anime a fair amount of justice

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