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Naruto Pairings...since nobody else did one.
these are my choices:

Shikamaru X Ino
Shino X Hinata
Chouji X Sakura
chouji and sakua?? what??
anyway here are mine:
naruto X hinata
sasuke X karin
sakura X death
kakashi X some hot ninja.... anko maybe?
ino X shikamaru
Chaoji X female death version

meh ill keep going later
Naruto x Sakura
Sasuke x himself or the Sharingan
Shikamaru x Temari
Sai x Ino
Jiraiya x Tsunade (lol why not)
and some others who nows lol

Akamaru x Sasuke.

That would give me so very many laughs.
that would give me the desire of punching you in the head.....

gaara X ................. pizza?
.....Jussst try. :lol:

Sasuke x Mirror
oh ill do it alright.... ill ouch you and then run away as fast as i can
i like the sasuke and mirror thing but no....

kankuro X female puppet
.....Are we just posting out random pairings now? Since I doubt that you even like Kankuro.

Sasuke x Death by fangirlism
yessssss for both things...
hehe dam all what duce victory isstuwies

anyway here

suigetsu X .......... swords?
kakashi x anko
naruto x sakura
sasuke x dies alone thanks to testicle cancer

Thats just for team 7

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