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Naruto Pairings...since nobody else did one.
Just put in any pairing you like and say why. Put up to three pairs. for exp:

2.NarutoxNaruto(lol wtf?)

and theres a thread.
Let's see. Naruto with Ino, they would have the cute blond babies.
Kakashi x The Fifth: An older woman (know what i mean...)
Gaara x Hinata: She would probably be the only one who 'gets' him. (Byakugan can read body language and all)
Choji x ino=an average weight baby
kakashi x kurenai=fills the gap left by asuma
Naruto x naruto bushin=the only one who could put up being with him
Here's mine:

Naruto x Anko(I have no idea dont even ask. I have no answer)

Naruto x femkyuubi(human) [..............yea.]

Naruto x Tenten (I like unusual pairings for no reason) -_-"
You wanna hear some odd pairings then here are mine!

Sasuke X Choji
Ino X Kankuro
Anko X Jiraiya

These are perfect!
Think about it! ... Without thinking about it.
Kiba X Hinata (so cute)

Naruto X Sakura (obvious)

Shikamaru X Tamari (cool)

[Sasuke X Death]--My peronal favorite :nods:

Pure Win Wrote:[Sasuke X Death]--My peronal favorite :nods:

lol, mine too.
hey megabust. NOW I have exactly 10x as much as PureWin
Not anymore Silver.
Hmm...gotta have

SasukexOrochimaru (Lovers forever!)
Oh yes Sasuke is having an affair with Death very soon like Purewin said.

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