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Person Above Me IV: No, not that IV
he just can because he loves people for their personality

has 8 for some reason, maybe you thinking of another game??

That explains how he can torlerate being Ma's sig.
no i put 8 as a mt

has a 7 and is probably not a mistype
whats with the numbers, i dont get it!?
mine was mistype
or mt....
is confused
Exactly the point. Women aren't suppose to understand that. :grin:
is sexist to a certain degree

a big degree if ur always like that
a minuscule amount if its just to Ma
is confusing me... again...
is confused cuz i called kunai sexist because he said women arent supposed to understand
and i have a second thing to say...:
is confused by a sophomore which makes her an easily confused senior

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