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guess how many manga chapters this manga is gonna last
Gokyo Wrote:
casiopao Wrote:According to my prediction the manga will end at 900 to 1000 chapter

i think so too i mean they are still on the grand line so they still have to see the new world - to help nami complete her goal
to become pirate king he has to defeat his ideal red hair shanks
and the strongest man white beard - rufis goal
and each of these ships have strong people worthy of zoros goal
and his crew still isnt complete(hopefully after this ar thou) and who knows how long thats gona take - he wants a musician
not to mention that in comparison to the last hasnt seen any action

900-100 isnt that far fetched at all

he still need a parrot
Plus there's that estranged message thing that Robin keeps on trying to find out about.
Wow! How many years is that gonna take?
probally 3 or 2 then i bet Luffy's hair would have gotten longer XD or shaved
well, we just have 52 weeks in a year, and its just on i'd say at least 5 more years...
Well i doubt I'd follow it for the next five years or so.
I will! Unless it gets boring and dry!
yeah! as long as it gets more exciting and fun!!!
but i've heard somewhere that oda already planned out the not sure if that's true
1000!!! but then it will take more than 10 years. LOL. why cant they draw 2 chapter per week :p
i hope it dosn't become like damn pokemon.
that series is crap. but i hope it reach a 1000.

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