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guess how many manga chapters this manga is gonna last
like inyuasha(sp?)
atleast 700, I hope. o-o
my guess? about 600-700
I find that this manga different from inuyaha..... it seems that though the story has alot of fillers.... it gets more and more action packed and exciting.....

so i supposed that it will be at least 700
well, they're not in the new world yet...and that's the second half of grand 800 would be reasonable...LOL
my guess is dat they still have to fight Shank and find the treasure so 700 is enough...
Well you know, this manga was supposed to end within a year or so, it's just because of it's popularity that it was continued. So for all you fans, count your lucky stars.
yeah, i think i was still in grade school when it started...and im working now!!! ^_^
According to my prediction the manga will end at 900 to 1000 chapter
casiopao Wrote:According to my prediction the manga will end at 900 to 1000 chapter

i think so too i mean they are still on the grand line so they still have to see the new world - to help nami complete her goal
to become pirate king he has to defeat his ideal red hair shanks
and the strongest man white beard - rufis goal
and each of these ships have strong people worthy of zoros goal
and his crew still isnt complete(hopefully after this ar thou) and who knows how long thats gona take - he wants a musician
not to mention that in comparison to the last hasnt seen any action

900-100 isnt that far fetched at all

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