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guess how many manga chapters this manga is gonna last
how manga chapters do you think the author of onepiece is gonna make untill he ends it???

i'm guessing around 600 chapters. cuz hes done a lot of stuff so far so i'm guessing thriller park is the last adventure in this tale and its gonna take extra chapters to get gold rogers onepiece etc.

whats your opinion?
As long as I'm alive hopefully. Otherwise, I think about 1500 chapters. Woh! Ya, that's my guess. Tongue
wow lets see whos right and i don't think the author can live to right that many chapters lol.
666 or 669
I don't mind how many there will be come. As long i get to read 1 chapter each week. Till the day internet dies out. But me guess it will be over 600.
well as their at the half way in the grandline at 456 and they still got half way to go i'd say roughly from 800-900 chapters alltogether so my guess is 850 as its the middle lol

i cant wait till merman island and the new world, thats gonna be great, and when they finnally reach raftel, tho they may end up going to impel down somehow during the story tho i doubt it, and of course theres still the giants theres a lot left, tho i love the Thriller Bark arc i cant wait for the next one
i'd definatly at least say 1000

about 1000 i think because there r still the emperor and more like 5 more warlord. THey havent even start the bb arc yet. So hopefully there will be plenty more to come
I'm guessing about a 1,000 as well. That's what Oda has commented on being a good goal for the series.
I also agree with there being 1000 or more chapters. They are still halfway through grandline as was already said, and Odacchi has still a lot to reveal, the stuff about the emperors, the other Shichibukai, Blackbeard and Ace, Luffy's dad, and there are a lot more he has to show. I don't really care how many chapters there are, but I do know I'm going to stick around until the end.

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