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Person Above Me II
Sparks Wrote:talk about the person above you, don't double post and don't chin post (say X post's something and then Y posts something and so on so it goes XYXYXYXYXYXY etc...) it's boring like that and last of all make it funny

(P.S. no-one should take anything said on this thread Seriously)
created Person Above me II
Tried to kill me earlier..............
is right =] and im still trying now..
Very sneaky and has the bloodlust of a million Gaara's. (Thats pretty Bloody)

you will never beat me :O im gaara of the sand >x)

Murderous intents





killed me on the last 'person above me' then greg closed it. I didn't get revenge.

"stabs Blaze with dull kunai that has safety edges"
*turned out to be a wood log*
u'll never get ur revenge! (i think ima make a Role Playing thread...gimme some idea for the plots plz!=])
"stabs wood continously" must take out anger on wood.

role playing is sometimes fun but it kinda pisses me off. I say go for it and the theme should be something on onemanga. I need to sleep.
Has an awesome <3 itachi <3 avatar now and is try to kill one of my student's off ?

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