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Random thoughts
why don't cows wear bras?
@_@ it's 11:15am, just 7 hours sleep this morning, lol.
well, some farmers might be into "that" sort of stuff. You know ... naked cow's with big breast's Tongue
true, but if cows don't have to wear bras on primetime tv, i think women shouldn't either, a little something about equality
>,> no bra = sagging ....bra's were invented for more than to cover up, keeps them in a nice shape also you can get hot lingerie. lmao
ok, lets change the subjext, about sagging boobs :p
lingerie ... joke

i'm starting to sketch the character now, but i'm slightly unsure of how i should proportion the face and eye shape =.=
well, do it how you feel fits the persona of the character Big Grin
I have an idea, but the writers can visualise the character as they are writing it. i have to put their words into imagery ... my brain is slow today ... i have no idea why ... i barely have an imagination left Tongue
I was like that yesterday night, got off at 12.30, went to draw, it came out chibe-esque, and the armour sucked.
umm . . . i never asked but what genre manga will it be and I have to draw ARMOUR ?!

*panics* pmg, i'm used to drawing elegant, flowing, patterned and detailed clothing .. NOT armour .... *faints and froths*

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