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What if...
Wah, please don't focus on this example so much. I never intended to create some weird "What if..."-scenarios (I chose the title carelessly, I have to admit that), I just wanted to know what you think about what happens when two bloodline-limits fuse, especially when they use the same "parts" (here: eyes). Would the kid have both, a completely new one or would his eyes pop out after his birth?
O.O P-Pop out...?

Anyways, I'd think it'd be one in two. Haha, like The kid would have Sasuke's eye color with Sharingan(Only because red is better then purple =P) But it would also contain Byakugan. Or it could also be, the kid would either have Sharingan or Byakugan. lol.
So does that mean teh Byakugan won't make your veins pop out if the Sharingan bloodline was present?
if would like sharingan on one eye...byakugan on the other eye..[Image: untitled-4.jpg]something like dat..
Wouldn't they need both eyes, for either one to work...? =.= Then again maybe not.
Kakashi only needs one. Wink
Oh yeah! That's true, so then it can be in each eye. But would they work at the same time? O.O
yes so one for each eye sounds good
maybe he'd only have like 180 degree vision Tongue, and not be as good at seeing chakra points, and lose alot of energy while activated
Blaze Wrote:yes so one for each eye sounds good

did you draw that picture, blaze?

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