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hello =3
LMAO tis a guy, sorry to say. (i think)
I would put a photo of me, but . . . i hate my photo's >,<
So do a drawing of yourself, then you can add cool manga features. hell you might wind up in the one manga!
Or don't show pictures or share your real name (would be safer) I mean, i'm not from england or 14. But i know somebody who is...
O.O . . . interesting concept. i might do that, or just stick a photo in my profile and watch everyone die xD
yeah, do you have a deviant art page? and also, it would be cool if you drew yourself all Manga Big Grin
Nope, i have bebo . . . but umm my friends have all the photo's xD
i might draw that oneday (when i have the "feeling" to)
Deviant art is good to post art Big Grin
i did have deviant. but my friend caught someone stealing my work and saying it was their own. so reported the user and i left my account 2-3 years ago. It's still there, but the artwork is old xD
ah,k. too bad Sad
lol. i could ressurect it, but i don't like to post my work on well known art sites. ( there are such dam great artists on there )
i like the lil stuff ^^

wasted talent if you dont have dA, you could get well known if you CG'ed your work. Your style reminds me of Jiuge's style

Welcome to OMF, and don't mind the talk about guys that look like girls (Seriously people, wtf?)

And if you join the OMF manga team, that would be great since i can concentrate on the concept art and the landscaping since you're great at drawing people.

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