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DGM 122
dang road looks f'd up. -.- yay im happy how this chapter turned out. Smile
yeah, it turned out quite nice..
Lavi's alive! : ) And yuh, Road looks scary ;_;

I kinda got confused when Lavi was talking to himself ._.
Is road still alive?
Barely, from the looks of it.
If Road dies, I'll be pissed... she's my favorite character.
she died....
man, i wondered who would haf won allens heart in the end(if she didnt die)...?
(pause).....(currently, it seems jonaling is seeing road and lenalee doing a tug of war thing with allen as the rope who has a realli pitiful look on his face)
ill leave it to ur imagination....
Can't Road heal from pretty much everything? so she should be okay... for now. She still needs to help them escape and stuff.
I hope she's dead. She is a great villain and that was a great way to go. It'd be kinda lame if she walked away after all that.
Road is agreat villian but she looks messed up...:grin:
I hope in the next few chapter Lenalee stops being a little whiner and does something.
Im glad Lavi didnt die!

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