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666 satan
but there is always minor changes in all animes
do u guys realized that, on the cover page of the latest chapter, where there are many masks in the boy's room, one of the mask is the same as the headmaster from soul eater
well i think the anime wont be that good because i like the fights because of the crazy artwork and my imagination jus like airgear
MangaAddict Wrote:I didnt like the first part of the chapter with Ball, it did seem too rushed.  I really like the second part, Ruby is pretty kick ass.  Are Ruby and Cross brother/sister??  I remember something like that...
Nah, I doubt it, I've never read anything like that.
And I'm not too interested in the anime either, but you can't really tell before seeing it....Tongue
well for ya'll u oldschools i prefer colored-pictures in motion xD (no offense)
Ruby clone, Lily is Cross stepsister but they are not related, the only relation they had is both them are angel and Ruby is the Solomon Key which unlock Cross power as Metatron
o yea!now i remember Smile
I must of missed that part!
well i was hurryin up reading cuz it was late so i couldn't remember very well
I think it was revealed towards the end of the Roc-Bird arc.

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