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Inuyasha: when will this story end????
i personally got to like volume 40 and i got really bored of the same old crap so i stopped reading the series. from places where i have seen it download, i realize its past 50 volumes and still continuing and my friends say its not getting any better. so my question is when will the author end this dragged out series. its not really romance cuz inuyasha won't get a clue, its not really fighting cuz the battles are not that good compared to the action manga i have read and its not a comedy cuz its just not funny. when will niraku die??
Hopefully soon, because it's beggining to get pretty long...It's either that or the mangaka dies.
how old is the mangaka? he made ramma 1/2 38 volumes and inuyasha over 50 volumes thats around 90 volumes he created so far that takes a hell load of time. he must be old or getting there.
InuYasha will probably end because no one is reading it by that time.
Nah, he'll die before it ends. I'm sure of it.
i forget what forum but i read somewhere that it might end in the next 20/30 chapters from current chapter. idk if any of you have heard the same but idk i think it might keep going
Rumiko Takahashi is a she..., and from what I've heard, she will be exactly 50 this year, so she's now either 49 or 50, and since mangaka has nothing to do with age (unless about health condition), she might able to actually write manga for another 10 years.

I actually can't even believe myself to follow Inuyasha faithfully so far, not realizing it pass 500 chapters already, and probably will follow it until the end.
The story might end shortly, but seeing how the plot advanced in the past (there's.., like, 1 or 2 points already where the manga might end, but Naraku keep getting stronger & make new henchmen), there's also possibility it will go for another year or 2, and maybe more...
I agree, the story does seem to drag on. -.- I think I stopped reading Inuyasha awhile back, and it's still going on. Wow..., But when It does end, I wonder HOW it will end...>.>

But then again, One Piece is also already 450+ chapter currently & Detective Conan passed 600+ chapter recently, but no one seems to have any complain about those manga.

Strange perhaps, but I actually preferred Inuyasha over One Piece. I also haven't really begin reading the Thriller Park saga.

Actually, there's also quite a lot of things happen in the past 100 recent chapters, most notably:
-Naraku already have all "Shikon no Tama" except for Kohaku's one (just die already..., zombie kid).
-Kikyo has gone for good (finally..., the dead should return to heaven).
Op is one of the best selling mangas. And DC's still fresh, even after 600+chapters. Inuyashia is just getting old and is losing ground and a lot of readers, so sooner or later it'll have to stop...

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