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Anime VS Manga [SPOILER]
i put both cuz to me the manga had more stuff in it the anime was original enspecially the movie. the movie is currently one of my fav anime movies. i've seen all the inuyasha movies and naruto movies and all that stuff and they seem like crap to me because there is nothing new its just a dif story. but because the fma anime didn't fallow the manga, the fma movie had its own original plot twists and i thought it was really good.
The movie was to really just to sum everything up. Since the anime ending was so cliff hangy.
The manga just seemed more thought up, and had more details. Also, it has more characther development. characther relations, so I voted for the manga being better.
I also voted for both...the anime to me was really suspenseful...the movie kinda pissed me of...but it was still good...

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