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To get to know you
So most forums have this, so we should too.
Bascilly, you tell us a little about yourself so that we can get to know you .

If you want to lie, then that's cool too, just remember it in the future to not have any awkward moments.

For anyone that doesn't quite know what to say or is too shy, remember we aren't here to judge, and start with the basics (e.g. gender, age, country,etc...), your personality (likes, dislikes, etc...) and
maybe about your life ( If you go to school, or what you do in real life, or if you volunteer, etc...)

So I am...



-Mature most of the time

-I am fluent in French, and English and I take pride in that.

-And I learn fast.

-I am also very perceptive.

Anyone else want to go?

Okay, I'll step up to the plate.

I am American
Either extremely serious or silly (depends on how much sleep I got Tongue)
Very interested in computers
A gigantic hockey fan... and more specifically, a NY Rangers fan
An avid reader... I happen to be the sort that devours books
and a anime/manga fan... bet you never would have guessed that.
Hey ^^

- Canadian Born Chinese
- Silly and carefee most of the time
- Computer Science Major
- Big Basketball fan (Go Raptors! =P)
- Been a crazy fan of video games, animes and mangas for as long as I care to remember hehe
- Still buys Japanese mangas for stupid inflated prices ^^;

Thats about all for now hehe
I could make an essay about me but i'll keep it short

My name is Raymond
I was born in America but i am 100% Korean
I like school but i hate hw and projects
I love manga/anime/videogames/computer/internet
I prefer playing a sport instead of watching it. In most cases
I collect manga so far i have over 50 manga volumes in my collection
I prefer genre such as action, adventure, fantasy, comedy
I do not prefer hentai, ecchi, romance, etc
Well thats all for now if you want to find out more about me then i guess your a stalker but its cool with me i have a kendo sword and i kno how to use it.
It'd be better if each member had their own thread, much less cluttered IMO Tongue
Eh, we'll let people do what they want
this way is better to me cuz then u see everyones bio in one swoop u don't have to keep on changing threads and its not like anyone is gonna comment ur bio.
so i am gallagher
- Speak english , and can pick apart spanish somewhat decently
- I read alot, if i'm not reading manga im reading books ,or partying
-final fantasy 12 really pissed me off
-play the drums, still looking for a singer, planning on playing indie/punk/pop punk/ska/hxc/ just about anything
- i like all different sorts of manga
- I personally love this site since i've been using msn groups for a long time now
and none of the manga i read is ever updated on time or even close to time
lol i agree about the msn thing. thats why i went to downloading but that takes a while enspecially on the school's computer. so i love this website.
Hi there I'm Pure Win (duh lol)

I Live in america and I'm 19
I love Manga/Anime, Video games, and reading novels
I've been a fan of manga/anime for about ten years
My favorite Video game is Chrono Trigger
My favorite Manga is One Piece followed by Shaman King, Fairy Tail the either 666 Satan or Naruto
Favorite Anime is One Piece followed by Evangelion, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and then Code Geass
Favorite book series is The lord of the rings (the books not the movies as the movies sucked) then the Harry Potter books (again the books as the moovies to this series sucks too)
Favorite Movie is Ferris Buellers day off then the goonies

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