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Team Medical Dragon
i didn listen to my friend when she kept bugging me to read this series, didn even gave it a chance, den thought i tried it, and i cant belif i missed dis great manga for such a long time, its a nice manga, one of my favourites now (but dats probably coz i like medical shows and such).

well as i said i think its a great manga, so what are the thoughts for u guys on this series.
yea, TMD is really great..
i started to like medicine after i read this manga..
although i'm a medic student, i didn't like medicine that much (biology makes me sick)

does this manga finished already or is it still ongoing in japan?

i'm...not sure bout that, but i think its ongoing.
Yea the problem is that almost no one scantalates it. By the way, if anyone is interested to know, the manga is written by an ex-doctor, that specialized in heart surgeory. It's still ongoing by the way. But this really is a great manga, and I'd totally forgotten about it *sigh*
nexgear is doing them, but i dont noe how frequent or how much of a priority for this series for them, so we'll juz have to wait and see.
Ugh, tell me there's more of this series that I can get.
pretty cool series
my friend was right all along.. it really is a nice manga..
yup, this manga is really interesting. i ended up lurkin on lurk and get RAW on URDAN bot to know what happened in the batista operation ( just looking at the pics, cant read a single japanese word :p ) and there's another manga that is quite similar with TMD ( cant remember it name ) its a shame that no group pick up the series and scans them frequently.
If I'm not wrong... the manga still continued up until now but the artist, Akira Nagai has passed away... I wondered how it would affect the manga

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