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Mar Omega
whoa another Mar manga ^^ who would have thought?can't wait to read it xP
not bad.. i like it..^^
I hope this series will turn out better than MAR. I hate MAR, the fights are one of the worst I've ever seen especially the final fight at chess tournament, heck no strategy at all just use the arms and BOOM u win. The author must be really desperate to end the story and what with the ending? Everyone alive even the death one like Danna and they live happily ever after... Big crap.
well it's okay so far..and Zephyr wut did u expect?from the look of it..from a no blood anime =.=
its not that bad.. just a piece of advice.. you should learn how to appreciate other's work.. ^^
wut she or he said xP
im a he.. damn it! xp

i just like chobits because of my girlfriend you see.. ^^
o sry i got confused xP
its ok.. ^^
I'm not really irritated by the ending, I'm more irritated with the battle... I have read Flame of Recca (same author) and the battles are more interesting, as for MAR the beginning battles are quite good but at the end especially the final at Chess Tournament the battle has decline, no suspense at all...

Take a look at Jack and Alviss battle, no-brainer at all. Why the hell Jack didn't used that fire ARMS and pawn the old man in three seconds? Rolan supposed to realize at Alviss's ARM yet he easily trapped and pawned...

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