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Where to start?
From which chapter should I start reading One Piece, Naruto and Bleach if I want to continue where the Anime are at the moment?
hmmmm.....i stopped watching the anime, but, what i can tell u is,

bleach lowest chapter at onemanga-whr dey juz came bak from soul society and juz met shinji haruko and vizards arrancar arc began which is episode 110 if i'm not mistaken.

naruto lowest chapter at onemanga-whr naruto juz came bak training with jiraiya and after the timeskip, which is episode 220.

i dont noe bout one piece though, didn follow the series dat much

so if u wanna read from the beginning of the arc den read the lowest chapter.
Alright, I found Naruto and Bleach myself (although it took some time), but I still need information about One Piece. I need the chapter where they burn Merry right before they return to Water 7, the chapters on this site are all later than that, so I can't really search for it.
It's about the chapter before 435, so if you just start reading here you won't miss anything.

you can find chapters -435 at onepiece2 on msn, or on mangavolume.
The correct answer was 430. But thanks anyways.
Shy sorry. I was only 4 chapters off really. (i'm too lazy)
5 chapters off sir =]
Counting not your strong point? (the chapter before 435= 434)

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