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What's been decided [last updated 9th june]
Ok, so for those who are new, or just not on all the time, this thread will kepp Y'all updated Big Grin

Currently (hopefully in date order*) these things have happened (date according to my computers clock, which is britain)

4th June- Sparks was elected project manager and Excel-Kleinwald as Co-leader

5th June- Setting will be Alternate Universe, this was decided via a poll.

8th June- We got our own Forum and is set to priate, so that we can discuss the plot without giving anything away.

*- this may not always happen, depending on how regurlarly i update the thread

PS: this thread will be Stickied and Locked so that it's easy to access and won't get cluttered.
I guess...., this project will always be a dream after all....
Sparks... where did you go?

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