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357 Discussion and 358 predictions
What do you think?? Whats gonna happen next??
Deidara/Tobi vs. Sasuke, but Deidara does a huge jutsu and thinks he has killed Sasuke and leaves and fights Naruto and gang. Tobi remains there and Sasuke appears back ready to fight Tobi or ask what the hell he is.
Naruto going to whoop Kabuto,Tobi will be identify

(btw crazybleachfan i think u should try so the sig won't have the free image hosting site
Yeah thanks. It was getting on my nerves. Off to photobuck, but also I think Kabuto is gone for now. He does have Orochi's powers so I doubt Naruto and gang could stop him.
Because Kabuto wants to fight sasuke first and then Naruto, do you think he thinks naruto is stronger or he just wants revenge first??
Revenge. and then Naruto, for the heck of it.
Sasuke is stronger than Naruto we all got that. Also, Sasuke was the one who killed Orochimaru and Orochimaru is taking over Kabuto so he does want revenge. Its just Orochi being Orochi, always wanting Sasuke.
Neji should get some action >_< so should kiba, and shino... heck all the leaf village people should, but i want to see Jugo and Suigetsu fight!!
I personally saw all of team 8 as secondary characters that werent all that important other than gais team and shikamaru the other shinobi teams of narutos grad year are pretty much useless. As for what i think is gonna happen next is Tobis identity is gonna be revealed and kabuto is gonna get his orochimaru on.
I think Naruto and Sasuke are gonna meet!

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