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Guns's Blog wants alligence with onemanga
I recently started a Blog that is primarily hosting all Bleach and Naruto Shippuden episodes, along with various coding work i do. Im currently am uploading every Bleach episode on my blog and i should have it done by tonight along with Naruto shippuuden episodes.

I then thought i would have a section for Manga on my blog where users could find download links to get the Manga they wanted. I realized that i come on almost every day to check up on things. I just recently registered for the forums BTW Tongue

What im inferring is if it could be possible for a link to my Blog be placed somewhere on either the onemanga forums or onemanga main page. I will also do the same by having a link to onemanga on my blog site as well.

onemanga takes care of all the manga, while Gun's blog does the episode uploading. Sounds really good to me!

Regardless some admin or moderator PM me on this business so we can talk more in depth.

Link to blog-

I should be getting a new domain name, this one is just temporary Wink

Thank you
Sound cool. I never can find new Naruto episodes on youtube anymore.
Stupid google -was it?- that bought youtube. ROAR.
Yea ill be having all the episodes done and uploaded by tonight. For bleach and naruto. So look out for that Wink
Oooh i have a suggestion.
If you get the time,
maybe you could do One Piece episodes too?
Im sure TONS of people would love you xD
It would take alot of time though. o-o
You must have alot of patience.
So you know how to get torrents and stuff right?

So, could you find me Yu Yu Hakusho Torrents?

I find them all over the place, but I can't get the whole series in an AVI format.

Just wondering if you knew where to get that.

*Edit* If you need them, I have every single bleach episode all the way from 1-128 that came out last night.
@Kate: That was not Google's fault... DB itself asked its episodes to be removed.

@gunntims: The decision is not up to me... it really is HYKO and Zabi's decisions to make. As this is the forum's section of the board... I'll move it to where HYKO looks at it.
okay really great stuff, i just through my blog out there. After people usually read the manga's they run for the episodes and vice versa. It would be nice to just have a site for episodes and a site for manga hooked together Smile

@everyone else- Onepiece and Yuyuhakasho would be nice, but at the moment i just want to get the big stuff out the way first. All bleach and naruto stuff primarily. Hopefully as the blog becomes bigger. I can have other members of the blog upload anime series of there interest.

oh.. well, that sucks any ways. cause i cant get the utorrent thing to work to download them, thats why im happy he's uploading them. xD
Do you use Vista?
You sure Dattebayo's gonna be happy with you uploading their subs?

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