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how do you like this series?
For those of you who have read this series so far what is your opinion of the series?

for me i considerate to be in my top. as i began progressing through the manga, i'd have to say it was really good. it kept on getting better until chapter 70 around there. the author got sick and after that his drawings became crap and the story line seemed boring to me until the recent chapters. now its good in my book and can't wait for it to get better.
I'm at the beginning, but it seems like a really good manga so far. Lots of potential.
It's pretty awesome but it looks like it's already about to end. D: He's already reached 100% synchro?? D:.
I doubt critical break signifies the end. He'll probably come up with something even bigger...

We haven't even seen cross in action yet, so yeah
i agree with arctic and also there is the fight with the clown fat freak forgot the dudes name. who knows he may pull something out of his ass like stronger underlings. and the fight against like lvl 3 akumas too they should get interesting.
I really enjoy the series.  I like how the Earl of the Millineum doesn't have so sympathetic backstory.  He's just bent on destruction.  Simple as that.
Loved it since chapter one.

Also loved the fact that a female mangaka like Hoshino Katsura was able to make such an amazing shounen.
I love this series too! I actually like the main hero...usually I only like the villians. Allen is so sweet looking but he totally kicks ass!
lol u usually like the vilians? what mangas have u been reading?
I started reading this one a few days ago, its good

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