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The Places of work. (spots available)
When I try to join it says that internet explorer cannot display page Sad
I'll just add you manually.
God, that's stupid, IE doesn't work with this... I guess anyone who wishes to be added either needs to use another browser like Firefox or Opera (advised) or PM Sparks, who will need to PM me...
Fuh, finished the story and PM'd Sparks. Took me long enough.
Hey, when will he decide who's in and who's not? kinda looking forward to this...

Member! Check me out! oh i kinda miss being a junior though (already), people couldn't yell at you if you did something wrong and stuff. pff
Whenever he gets a chance, I guess.
what about if you want to fill more than one position?
Oh yeah, true. Everybody without talent is going for a writer position, so they will fill up quickly. And if your a talented drawer who wants to be a writer too, that will make a hell of a lotta writers!

Hmm, well i say if your good enough to draw you can certainly go for creative writer at the same time, probably means you have feeling for it. Big Grin

Mangakas seem to be able to mix em certainly.
Well how many people have actually tried out?
-There's me
Excell, with Co-leader, you will be keeping me in check, keeping the others in check and also when i'm away you'll take the horses reigns.
Arctic and Jonaling too, and the leaders wanna have imput. That's already 7 writers. Thats pushing it a bit no?

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