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Nodame Cantabile
this manga is really funny.
and i like its plotline, too.
the only downside of this manga is tht its artwrk is bad. lol.
bt its really catchy. everytime i start reading it, i dont wanna stop.
so i wanna see if anyone appreciated this manga besides me. ;D

so, do you like this manga? why?
YAAAY~~i was planning to make a thread bout this but u made it instead, i loved the series, its dam funny, juz dat no1 is doing scanlations for vol 10 T_T, and BYAAAH said d released volume comes out on october?(4got)

its a nice manga, its what got me to listen classical music (my fav is canon in d pachalbel piano concerto [easy name so thats why i memorized it] though i like the o2jam version more=P, well i was disappointed when nodame made chiaki able to ride airoplanes coz i wanted chiaki to be the genius conductor who is drugged or tranquilized to get on a plane and go overseas xD. but its a nice series, one of my fav.
bt i loved it whn chiaki met nodame meet her at her hometown.
sweet. maybe he hav realized tht he has now..
well i think you knw. i love chpt51 xD
i was really into it when i found out nodame wants to teach preschool cause i also want that >.< isn't it a higher goal?!
the live action is also great! the actors really acted and looked like the characters and the s orchestra playing raphsody in blue--it was great and hilarous!
@ kyon
canon was also my fave~ it was played in our graduation last april XD
we even had different versions playing: rock, violin, piano, etc
this manga (also the anime) inspire me alot in my band.. this shoujo manga/anime is soo cool.

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