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Discuss anything about NANA here.

Manga, anime, and the Live Action Movies.

Please do put warnings when posting any spoilers, as not everyone is willing to read any.

Do it like this:

Truth about nana. (Highlight to view)

Nana is still alive, and is living in England with Ren.

This is not a real spoiler.
Who's your favorite character and why?

Mine is definitely Shin. He's cool, mature for his age, but has a huge range of personalities. He has a dark and mysterious past (which adds to his "cool factor") and plays the bass (which adds even more points to the "cool factor"). He seems like one of those characters that's never meant for a happy ending =[
AH! I just caught up with all the ones they have in onemanga. Anyone know if this is all that's written so far?

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