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Naruto Age... [minor spoiler]
If I'm not wrong Naruto has already failed the graduation exam 3 times and he passed at the fourth attempt with kage bunshin yet why he is exactly the same age with other kids like sasuke or sakura who is unlikely failed...?
no, what my thought are, that he took his exams earlier den everyone, there are ninja's take take the exams earlier u noe, itachi became a chuunin/jounin/genin(forgot whcih 1) at the age of 8, its not abnormal for naruto to take his exams at 10 or something rite? i mean, juz learning a few tricks here and der is not abnormal for him as he has the kyuubi, but he juz couldnt do any jutsu's thats all, but i juz think he took the exams earlier.
I never thought about that...though I thought it was two, it still doesn't matter. I have no idea...o.0
Having him start three or two years before all the other children wouldn't make sense. Unless for some reason the hokage and/or Iruka requested it for some reason...
Nah, I believe the academy system has been changed during the War Period and at Naruto times, because before you can heard that genius people like Kakashi and Itachi graduate from the academy at ages like 8 but now you can see that genius like Neji or Sasuke graduate at 12 the same with lazy-bum Shika or stupid Naruto

If I'm not wrong at the flashback of Sasuke, it showed that he enroll the academy at the age of 7 or 8 there are naruto, shika and choji... I dunno could be plothole by Kishi to show how stupid Naruto is or just like Kyon say... Another plausible explanation is that Academy system changed during Naruto enrollment so before people can take the exam whenever they want but now they have to take when they are 12
no i think u have to enroll the academy for 8-12 and each year there is an at the age of 12 u must pass 3 exams to be a genin but in Naruto case..he failed all the exam but he saved Iruka which add credit points to him..or the last exam was more important
Woww never thought about that, it could be accepted explanation but there are plotholes... Kakashi and Itachi, both of them graduated from academy at 5 and 7 respectively
Perhaps he was half a year older, failed it once, got pushed back, and was tested a couple times individually to try and graduate him.
true Greg...and about Kakashi & Itachi they probally done so well and the senseis saw their potentials so they let them pass
You enter the acedemy at 5 and can start taking the tests whenever. However, no one takes the test because they are told they aren't ready for it. Naruto was the exception because he doesn't listen to anyone, and wanted to fulfil his dream. So took the tests a few times before the others.

Just my thoughts.
u can enter at 5?now dat i didn't know

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