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Poll: who is stronger luffy or shadow luffy?
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28 84.85%
shadow luffy
5 15.15%
Total 33 vote(s) 100%
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who's stronger???
That wouldn't be too exciting
i hope the shadow is better...and then luffy will create a new technique to defeat the zombie luffy..
I agree that the shadow will be stronger physically and it will come down to Luffy making up some new attack to defeat it.
yeah! and i hope we would see a gear 4th or something...LOL
Shadow luffy would certainly have the stronger body, but remember when luffy was attacked by a giant at little garden? didn't hurt him one little bit. You just can't proparly hurt him with blunt attacks, and luffy only knows blunt attacks ergo shadow luffy only knows blunt attacks.
Besides all luffy's moves are based on his rubber body. That means Shadow Luffy has almost no real techniques. Besides he's too big n clumsy. Luffy should win.
dis is wut i think...(notices...i didn't even read the manga yet ;P)

i think they would have a big fight..and Luffy would talk some senses into Shadow Luffy and at the end...he might become a nakama but got kill by that Moria guy
Shadow Luffy and Luffy are supposed to be equal but Shadow Luffy got an awesome body, not just an ordinary gigantic giant but a legendary monster and zombie nerves which mean the body would felt no pain. I think they were goint to tricked the Shadow Luffy by using meat... Big Grin
Well, i tink luffy is stronger....
as the giant zombie doesnt haf the devil fruit power most likely.....
yeah, let him eat the meat, but they put a lot of salt in em so the gigantic zombie will be weak or something i dont noe. i dont noe whose stronger but i voted on real luffy.
i got an idea!!!
maybe it turns out shadow luffy beats the real one,
luffy spots some meat with salt, and they both try to get it....
in the end the shadow luffy eats it... and poof luffy gets his shodow back!!

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