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Japanese Music
So anyone here into Japanese music? As far as Japanese music goes, I mainly listen to Jrock stuff but never had the option to see any Jrock bands perform. So I'm going to the Anime Expo this year and hopefully I'll be able to see Gackt, Miyavi, Sugizo, and Yoshiki perfrom all together in thier new band SKIN.

<~~~~ excited

What type of Japanese stuff do you guys listen to? I kinda got pulled into the scene through anime ._.
I really have come to love Ellegarden
if you like pop punk then they are the band for you
Never heard of it. I'll check em out ^.^
i am a rock fan, but i dont noe why i like j-pop, but juz the girl singers, like Aya Hirano(she rox xD), Otsuka Ai, Utada Hikaru, and any other songs that juz sound nice to me ( but mainly the first too)=D.
Oh totaly. I became a Hikaru fan after I heard the theme song for Kingdom Hearts. I said "Oh crap, I gotta find the artist for this song!" I was really suprised she turned out to be Japanese.
#6 has anime songs...
but not anime game songs
i juz usually check out what the titles are at a reliable source such as wikipedia or the main website, or the main fansite or something, den i dl from ares=D. and yeah, i got to noe utada hikaru after playing kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts is a popular game, u think i shud make a therad bout this, in the game section?
I really like UVERworld!!! It does most of the bleach and some of the Naruto themes. I think it has themes for Blood+ to! Well it seems my whole Ipod is full of Japanese music....So I''ll let you guys know if anything cool pops up! Here is a list of MY japanese artists:

Akeboshi, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Angela Aki, Aqua Timez, Beat Crusaders, Flow, Hajime Chitose, Hiroshi Watanbe AKA=Quadra, Home Made Kazoku, HYDE, Izawa Asami, Jay Ownes, Jinn, Joker, June, K, Kagami, Kozue Takada, Nakashima Mika, New Deal, No regret life, ORANGE RANGE, Rie Fu, RYUKYUDISKO, Sambomaster, Sato Naoki, Skoop on somebody, StoryWriter, Sun Set Swish, Takahashi Hitomi, Toshiro Masuada, Utada Hikaru, UVERworld, Yui AND Yui Horie

That's my music! XPeace Out!™
Technically, she likes the naruto and bleach op and ed.....

but UVERWORLD ROXS I HAF THEIR ALBUM (thanks to my jap. friend)
I love japanese music, better than some american in my opinion, I like High and mighty color, maximum the hormone, Uverworld, beat crusaders, Melt Banana, Asian kung fu generation, Nami Amuro, I pretty much just know the basic bands.

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