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do any of you guys read this manga??
its really funny...LOL
I love the manga! i love how the Tsukune turns into a godly and awesome vampire!^^
Jack Wrote:I love the manga! i love how the Tsukune turns into a godly and awesome vampire!^^
yeah that was really cool! cant wait for the next scans
Rosario vampire is a really good manga! I hope Tsukune turns into a real vampire, so he doesnt need to hide that he is a humanBig Grin
i hope he comes from a bloodline of monsters...or something like that...cause im thinking that his parents got info about the school for some reason...and not just mere coincidence...
It was coincidence, but I was thinking the same thing.
yeah and it would be good if his family are eternal rivals of the vampire clan...or something...i know! i know! its a bit cliche...but...i think that would be cool
i dont care wht clan he comes frm bt i hope he is/will be a vampire..
he looks great being one, and hes so power being one!
and he will be a perfect match with rosario! haha. id love it. (:
yeah, but u noe, in a lot of movies, if a vampire sux ur blood, doesn dat mean u become a vampire urself, guess dat rule doesn apply for this series, i like the series, but its kinda in the same routine, monsters attack u, take out the rosario, tsukune becomes a powerful vampire, monster defeated, learn lesson, but wtv, and i was thinking the same thing that the guy maybe a monster as well, but didn realize? or power has not awaken? i dunno.
nono! he doesnt become a vampire whn rosario sucks his blood.
rosario will hav to GIV tsukune her to make him a vampire, temporally.
until he uses all the energy frm the blood.
bt i agree tht it always has the same routine. ):

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